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Nature photography

Natuur om aan te raken

Nature photography at
De Weerdhoeve

Close to our holiday home is a brand new nature cabin. I thought it was the same as a holiday home located in the middle of nature. But I was wrong, the nature cabin close to us is used for nature photography. The animals that you can see are lots of birds, deers, squirlls and other animals that live in the forest. The animals come to the shallow pnd fto drink or to bath and you will sit on eye level behind special photograpy glass.

The birds that live on our farm, but a hard to look at, are sitting there without knowing that you are looking at them from so close. I have seen so many beautiful pictures from guests who have rented the cabin for a day. Its truly amazing.
Everyone can book the cabin. But mosty its the nature lovers who have photography as a hobby (or professionals) who are in the cabin from dawn to sunset and who have a beautiful series of photos by the end of the day.

Often the phofographers book the holiday in combination with the cabin. The two are close to eachother, making it ideal to come back to the holiday home for a coffee and lunch or a chat. Something that is quite difficult in the hut, because you dont want the animals to know you are so close. The guests then book the holiday home with a late check-out (5 pm) and the Enterveenhut (

If you like to make it extra comfortable, you can book the breakfast or lunch with me as well.

Wishing you a lot of (nature) fun