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De Weerdhoeve.
Were the past meets modern times

Our farm was build in 1916. It has a thatched roof and wooden shutters typically for this region. On the terras we have the old water well that you can see from the holiday home. On the other side is the street that used to be a dirt road leading from Rijssen to Enter. The family who lived here were pig farmers and used the land to grow the food for the animals who lived here.
After the pig farmers left, my parents in law had the change to buy it in 1990. They moved the shed a bit further away, creating more space. Because they were not farmers, all animal sheds inside the farm and outside, could be renovated into a office and living space. A lot has been renovated in the ast 30 years. But never did it take away the look and feel of a old farm. Were we live as a family for example, if exactly the same now as how it was build in 1916.

The office, ones the pig shed, is now renovated into a beautiful luxurious holiday home. But with the same athmosphere as back then, just look outside and you are back in 1916!

Nature photography
at De Weerdhoeve


Close to our holiday home is a beautiful new “nature photography hut” Now, I thought it was the same as a holiday home located in nature. But i was wrong, this is a cabin were nature lovers make photos of the animals that live in that area. In the cabin close to our farm, you can find the most amazing birds, squills, deers and other animals. In front of the cabin is a shallow pond were the animals come and drink or bath. The cabin is a few feet deeper into the ground, so that you look the animals right in the eyes. The animals come and bath…


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